Brand Story Video:

Key Idea:

  • A brand story video (BSV) for Shred Sports would be a like mini-movie showcasing the heart and soul of your biking and skiing passion. It's not just about the gear; it's about the thrill, the lifestyle, and the community you've built. This video would create a powerful connection with your audience, making Shred Sports more than just a shop—it becomes a captivating story that people want to be a part of. It adds a personal touch, making your brand more memorable, ultimately attracting like-minded shredders to join the adventure.

  • The BSV would mainly be for the website. For most companies, it goes front and center, but because your website is primarily an ecom webpage, it would be best placed on the about page. This works because someone who will be clicking on to this page will already be interested in your company. They will naturally be willing to spend a few minutes learning about you, your history, and what you're about.

  • This video is YOU in 5 min. It's high end, production quality, and just gives the customer a little bit of a WOW factor.

Social Media Shorts / Posts:

Key Ideas:

  • Social Media Shorts and Teasers: Short, attention-grabbing video clips or teasers to showcase new products, upcoming events, or behind-the-scenes moments. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok thrive on visually appealing, bite-sized content that can quickly capture and retain audience attention. These remind the viewers that you're there and you're a cool company they want to buy from!

  • Storytelling Series: Develop a series of short video stories that dive into the brand's history, the passion behind each product, or memorable customer experiences. These can be shared as episodic content on Instagram Reels or Stories, keeping your audience engaged over time.

  • Product Unboxings and Reviews: Create engaging unboxing videos for new products, allowing your audience to experience the excitement of opening and exploring Shred Sports gear.

  • Contests and Giveaways: Run video-based contests or giveaways on platforms like Facebook or Instagram. This strategy can help increase brand visibility and engagement. From what I've heard from Chad, you guys have done this in the past and received great results! - THAT'S GREAT!

  • Educational Content: Share informative and educational videos related to biking and skiing. Whether it's maintenance tips, safety guidelines, or skill-building tutorials, this content establishes Shred Sports as an authority in the field and provides value to your audience. It also works really well for a national audience because it's not really locally based. - Great for your ecom!

  • Event Highlights: If Shred Sports hosts or sponsors biking or skiing events, capture key moments and share highlights on social media. This creates buzz, extends the life of the event, and showcases your brand's involvement in the community.


Key Ideas:

  • Product Reviews and Demonstrations: Create in-depth reviews and demonstrations of your biking and skiing products. Highlight features, showcase performance, and provide valuable insights to help potential customers make informed decisions.

  • Tutorial and How-To Videos: Develop a series of tutorial videos covering various aspects of biking and skiing. This could include maintenance tips, gear customization, or techniques to improve skills. These videos position Shred Sports as a helpful resource in the biking and skiing community.

  • Adventure Vlogs: Share exciting biking and skiing adventures through vlogs. Capture the thrill of outdoor activities, scenic routes, and challenges faced during the journeys. This personal and adventurous content can resonate well with the outdoor enthusiast audience.

  • Interviews with Local Shredders : Conduct interviews with local biking and skiing experts, influencers, or professionals in the industry. These interviews can cover trends, insights, and tips, establishing Shred Sports as a go-to channel for industry knowledge.

  • Event Coverage and Recaps: Film and edit comprehensive coverage of biking and skiing events. After the events, create recap videos that highlight key moments, participant experiences, and the overall energy. This content can attract event sponsors and participants for future collaborations.

  • Community Spotlights: Shine a spotlight on your community by featuring videos of loyal customers, their stories, and their adventures with Shred Sports gear. This not only engages your existing customer base but also attracts potential customers who can relate to these stories.

You guys, there is so much we can do!